Welcome to SRID Web Portal

The Portal has the following key sections:

1. Datasets – This represents the collection of similar data items or information resources on the portal, for example a collection the Facts and Figures documents could have a dataset where portal users can easily locate them through search features or simple navigation. Market price data and crop production estimates could also have their own datasets on the portal. The Dataset link is part of the main menu items on the portal.

2. Dashboards – This is a visual representation of all of our data. While it can be utilized in a variety of ways, its primary goal is to enable quick access to information, such as KPIs. This dashboard, which is on its own page, receives data from a linked database. It's often customizable, letting you to select the data you want to see and whether or not you want to include charts or graphs to help you visualize the figures.

3. Stories –The Directorate's workshops, training and fieldwork experiences will be effectively communicated through the web portal. Pictures, videos, charts, graphs, and diagrams may be used to convey our facts and narrative at some point in the future. This will help communicate stories and data in a clear and captivating manner.

4. Groups – Under groupings it is easier for users to search datasets by theme/subjects or by a single Group (Agricultural Statistics and Census Unit-ASCU, ICT and Data Management Unit, Marketing Services Unit-MSU, and Research Services Unit-RSU), which is the common publisher of several Datasets.

5. Topics - Topics are pre-defined official categories that direct site visitors to regions of the site that contain relevant content, substantial databases, and reflect prime areas of interest or popular subjects. The food situation in Ghana, livestock, publication, and reporting are among the themes/subjects.

6. About Us - The Directorate's Mandate, Mission, Vision, Functions, Responsibilities and Partnering Agencies are all detailed on this page.